Saturday, 15 June 2019

Saturday 15th June 2019

Amerton (flooded meadows)
3x Curlew, 10x Shelduck, 6x Gadwall, 6x Oystercatcher (RSw)

Spotted Flycatcher (PMo)

Middleton Lakes
Redshank (MSc)

Alrewas Arboretum
Cuckoo near the viaduct (JWo)

Friday, 14 June 2019

Friday 14th June 2019

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
Little Tern in Blithe Bay at mid day (GJM) -  still at 15:38 (RCB)

Middleton Lakes
4x Avocet, 2x Pochard, Little Egret, (SAt)  -  Green Sandpiper, Common Terns

Branston GPs
Common Sandpiper, 5x Redshank, 4x LRP, Ringed Plover, 8x Lapwing, Little Egret, 31x Little Grebe, 31x Gadwall, 6x Pochard, 2x Mandarin, Egyptian Geese. (JWo)

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Thursday 13th June 2019

Belvide Resv (WMBC members only)
Red-necked Phalarope this afternoon

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
11x Dunlin flew off north at 11:50, 29x Common Tern, 4x Yellow Wagtail, 2x LRP, 2x Egyptian Geese, (PMo, DWa)

Whitemoor Haye
3x Ringed Plover, Peregrine, (PMo, DWa)

Branston GPs
2x Hobby, Ringed Plover, Pochard, 2x Egyptian Geese, (PMo. DWa)  -  Also 2x Redshank, 3x Ringed Plover, 7x LRP, Curlew,  21x Shelduck, 51x Gadwall, 3x Mandarin, 7x Egyptian Geese, 18x Little Grebe, 2x Common Tern, 2x Little Egret, 300x Swift, 100x House Martin, 100x Sand Martin, Barn Owl, (JWo, CEc, Dean,)

Norton Bridge
Barn Owl at 18:50, (PMo, DWa)

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Middleton Lakes
Green Sandpiper North Scrape, 8x Avocet, 7x Redshank, 2x Egyptian Geese, 2x Gropper, Cuckoo (SAt)

Trentham Gardens
2x Oystercatcher with 2x Juvs on the Island (MJW)

Gailey Resv
6x Yellow Wagtail, 2x Common Tern, (CVa)

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Cuckoo, Shelduck, 100x Swift, 200x Swallow, 150x House Martin, 50x Sand Martin (PMo)

Monday, 10 June 2019

Monday 10th June 2019

Whitemoor Haye
Quail still also 2x Corn Bunting, Little Egret, (BPu)

Hobby (MFo)

Hobby this morning (TEy)

Spotted Flycatcher Mere Lane (DBa)

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
Common Tern, (GHa)  -  male Brambling reported at St Stephens Bay

Cuckoo Bank
2x Cuckoo, (GHa)

Cannock Chase
5x Redstart, 2x Cuckoo, 2x Yellowhammer, 7x Tree Pipit, (DBa)

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Sunday 9th June 2019

Aqualate Mere
Great White Egret, 2x Cuckoo, (RPo)

Gailey Resv
Little Egret, 2x Yellow Wagtail, Spotted Flycatcher, (SRi)

Middleton Lakes
Black-tailed Godwit still (MSm, DCo)

Audley Meadows
Red Kite over (PDo)

Fem Long-tailed Duck half way along the pit on the A38 side viewable from the path on the opposite side, also LRP, (DOu, LOu)  -  LTD still at 15:55 (JWo)  -  but no sign from 18:30 to 19:25, also Hobby, Cetti's Warbler (DSc)

By John Woodcock

Red Kite over the bowling green at 14:25 (MJW)

Branston GPs
Peregrine, Mandarin, Egyptian Geese, 10x Pochard, 2x Redshank, 2x Common Tern (DSs)

Whitemoor Haye
Quail still, Corn Bunting, 2x Peregrine, Goldeneye, 4x Yellow Wagtail, Gropper, (BirderAlrewas)

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
2x LRP, Yellow Wagtails, (SCa)

Tittesworth Water
2x Common Tern, 4x Common Sandpiper, 2x LRP, Spotted Flycatcher, 2x Goosander (JOa)

Coombes Valley RSPB
Pied Flycatchers, Spotted Flycatchers

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Saturday 8th June 2019

Middleton Lakes
8x Redshank, 7x Avocet, Dunlin, Pochard, (MSm, SAt)

Belvide Resv (WMBC members only)
Arctic Tern, 

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
Little Stint at Admaston Reach, (GJM, MWh) - also 5x Dunlin, 2x Ringed Plover

Alrewas Arboretum
Cuckoo, Goosander, 56x Mute Swan (JWo)

Friday, 7 June 2019

Friday 7th June 2019

Coven Heath
Red Kite over the A449 at 08:30 (TWo)

Cannock Chase
2x Spotted Flycatcher, Redstart, Tree Pipit, Woodcock, Tawny Owl (ABl)

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Thursday 6th June 2019

Middleton Lakes
6x Redshank, 5x LRP, Dunlin, 2x Ringed Plover, 9x Avocet, Snipe, 2x Yellow Wagtail, Cuckoo, Common Tern, (KSa, MSc)

Manifold Valley
Red Kite over SSE at 12:30, (DGH)

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Whitemoor Haye
Quail still from the corner of the bumpy track also 2x Corn Bunting still (KSa)  -  2x Quail this afternoon, 15x Yellowhammer, 2x Yellow Wagtail, (JWo, CEc, Dean)

Quail by Jon Woodcock

Corn Bunting by Jon Woodcock

Middleton Lakes
Wood Sandpiper on east scrape, Dunlin, 2x Ringed Plover (MSm)

Red Kite over the station pub at 14:50, (Ba)

Hanchurch Village
6x Yellowhammer (PSw)

Branston GPs
Redshank, Wheatear, Little Egret, 2x Yellow Wagtail, Hobby, Pochard, (CEc)

LRP, Common Sandpiper, Common Tern, Cetti's Warbler (CEc)

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Tuesday 4th June 2019

Bar Hill
Red Kite over at 10:33 (PMo)

Middleton Lakes
6x Ringed Plover, 7x LRP, Redshank, 7x Cuckoo (SAt)

Branston GPs
2x Ringed Plover, 5x LRP, 12x Lapwing, 14x Shelduck, 21x Gadwall, 2x Mandarin, 2x Pochard, 2x Egyptian Geese + 3 juvs, 20x Little Grebe, 2x Common Tern, 2x Common Tern, c400x Swift, (JWo)

Berryhill Botteslow Flash
3x LRP, Little Egret, Green Woodpecker, (RTo)

Monday, 3 June 2019

Monday 3rd June 2019

Middleton Lakes
3x Dunlin, 4x Ringed Plover, 3x Redshank, (KSa)

Quail still (BCa, LCa)

Red Kite over this morning, (MPa)

Audley Meadows
Red Kite (PDo)

Hobby, Green Woodpecker, (MSc)

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Sunday 2nd June 2019

Whitemoor Haye
Quail still, 2x Corn Bunting, (BirderAlrewas)

Knypersley Resv
Red Kite over, 3x Pied Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher (GBr)

Middleton Lakes
3x Dunlin, 4x Ringed Plover, (MSm)

Alrewas Arboretum
Cuckoo, 2x Goosander, Cetti's Warbler (JWo)

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Saturday 1st June 2019

Whitemoor Haye
Quail still, Corn Bunting, Redshank, LRP, Goldeneye, 5x Yellow Wagtail, 2x Common Tern, Little Egret, (BirderAlrewas)

Belvide Resv (WMBC members only)
1s Little Gull still, Sanderling, 4x Ringed Plover

Middleton Lakes
2x Dunlin, Yellow Wagtail, 3x Egyptian Geese, Cuckoo (SAt)

Red Kite at the Rookery at 09:20 and still lingering in the area to 11:15 (MFo)  -  still at 12:30 (CFe)

Hobby over at 09:20 (PBi, DWa)

Knypersley Resv
Hobby over, Cuckoo, 3x Spotted Flycatcher, 2x Pied Flycatcher, Gropper (GBr)

GratwichIB, CT,)
2x Red Kite over at 16:00 (AGo)

Hanchurch Village
Quail early evening (PJo)

Tittesworth Water
2x Common Tern, Pied Flycatcher, 7x Mandarin, 4x LRP, 5x Common Sandpiper, 2x Willow Tit, 2x Barnacle Geese, (SG, WLH, IB, CT)

4x Sanderling, Peregrine, (DSc)

By Dave Scattergood

Stoke on Trent
Red Kite soaring over Blurton for 15 mins, (MJM)

Friday, 31 May 2019

Friday 31st May 2019

Belvide Resv (WMBC members only)
1s Little Gull this afternoon

Branston GPs
2x Sanderling, Dunlin, Curlew, Hobby, Yellow Wagtail, 5x Pochard, Grasshopper Warbler (DSc) - also 7x LRP, Redshank, 2x Common Tern, Cuckoo, Tawny Owl, (CEc)

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Thursday 30th May 2019

Branston GPs
Wheatear, 2x Redshank, 2x LRP, 2x Pochard, Cetti's Warbler, 2x Common Tern, (BranstonBirder)

Whitemoor Haye
Quail still

Red Kite over (KKi)

Biddulph Grange CP
Spotted Flycatcher by the Trout lake, (STu)

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Branston GPs
3x Redshank, 7x Ringed Plover, 8x LRP, 12x Lapwing, 2x Pochard, Barnacle Goose, 2x Egyptian Geese + 3 juvs, c400x Swift, 200x House Martin, Cetti's Warbler, 18x Little Grebe, 18x Shelduck, 8x Gadwall, (JWo)

Barnacle Goose by Jon Woodcock


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Tuesday 28th May 201i9

Middleton Lakes
Fem Whinchat, 11x Avocet, 5x LRP, Ringed Plover, (MSm)  -  also Dunlin

Trentham Gardens
Cuckoo, 5x Reed Warbler, (PFo)

Branston GPs
2x Redshank, Dunlin, 5x Ringed Plover, 6x LRP, 27x Lapwing, 4x Common Tern, 2x Little Egret, 4x Pochard, 400x Swift, Cetti's Warbler, (BranstonBirder, JWo)

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
Turnstone, Ringed Plover, 12x Common Tern, Yellow Wagtail, (DWa)

Monday, 27 May 2019

Monday 27th May 2019

Whitemoor Haye
Quail still calling (BirderAlrewas)

Gailey Resv
Mandarin, Spotted Flycatcher, Yellow Wagtail, (SRi)

Uttoxeter Quarry
Red-necked Phalarope on the main gravel pit (RPo)  -   to 17:36 when predated by a Peregrine.

Middleton Lakes
Sanderling on JW

Knypersley Resv
3x Pied Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher, Tawny Owl (PMo)

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
9x Sanderling and a Red Kite (GJM)

Tittesworth Water
2x Common Tern, 4x LRP, 5x Common Sandpiper, Pied Flycatcher (SGi, IB)

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Sunday 26th May 2019

Belvide Resv (WMBC members only)
Sanderling, Dunlin and a Osprey 10:28 to 10:40 before flying off north.

Alrewas - Arboretum Pit
Grey Plover, 2x Hobby, (MYa)  -  Grey Plover flew off at 16:20 (RCB)

Uttoxeter Quarry
2x Sanderling, 11x Ringed Plover, 3x Common Tern (RPo)

Cuckoo heard at Basford early morning (RNu)

Branston GPs
2x Redshank, 10x Ringed Plover, Dunlin, 2x Common Tern, Cetti's Warbler, 5x Pochard, Wigeon (DSc)

Whitemoor Haye
Quail calling, also Cuckoo, (BirderAlrewas)

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
5x Sanderling still south of the causeway (RCB)

Middleton Lakes
2x Hobby, Cuckoo (SAt)

Grey Plover still at 18:00 (DSc)

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Saturday 25th May 2019

Whitemoor Haye
1-2 Corn Bunting, 6x Yellow Wagtail, 2x Common Tern, Yellowhammer, Tree Sparrows, (BirderAlrewas)

Croxden Quarry
2x Red Kite soaring over (ODu)

Red Kite over south at 18:20 (DBa)

Branston GPs
2x Grey Plover on Ashy Pit, 3x Dunlin, 3x Ringed Plover, drake Wigeon,  (DSc)

Friday, 24 May 2019

Friday 24th May 2019

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
Red Kite over Tad Bay (GJM)

Cuckoo still due north of the unadopted road at Lawn Wood by the pull in.

Maer Hills
Cuckoo, Crossbill, Tree Pipit (NDP)

Branston GPs
Curlew, 4x LRP, 4x Redshank, 37x Lapwing, 8x Common Tern, fem Wigeon, 4x Pochard, Wheatear, 4x Garden Warbler, Cetti's Warbler, 2x Egyptian Geese + 3 juvs, Black-tailed Skimmer, 3x Brown Argus, Common Blue Butterfly, 25x Thick-kneed Flower Beetles (JWo)

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Red Kite drifting west over Boley Park at 08:45 (ARu)

Middleton Lakes
5x Pochard on Dosthill NR, (SAt)

Brindley Ford
Fem Whinchat in sedge field 300 yards west of stables on path to Packmoor (JJo)

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
5x Sanderling (GJM)  -  5x Ringed Plover, Wheatear (PDo)

Tittesworth Water
Pied Flycatcher, 2x Common Sandpiper, LRP, Common Tern also Spotted Flycatcher at Meerbrook (JOa)

Wetley Common
Cuckoo still (KKi)

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Middleton Lakes
12x Avocet, 8x LRP, Ringed Plover, 2x Snipe, Cuckoo (MSm)

Cuckoo this morning

Blithfield Resv (WMBC members only)
10x Ringed Plover, 4x LRP, 2x Dunlin, 3x Yellow Wagtail, (DOu, LOu, DBa,)

Cannock Chase
Spotted Flycatcher, 2x Redstart, 3x Cuckoo, (DOu, LOu)