Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

Glaucous Gull 2nd winter in the roost also 3x adult Caspian Gulls and 2x Yellow-legged Gull

Uttoxeter Quarry
Jack Snipe 1, Snipe 20, Wigeon 200, Goosander 18 (ABa)

Whitemoor Haye
9 Tufted Duck, 75 Wigeon, Pair Pintail, 1 Shoveler, 2+ Goldcrest, 1 Little Owl, Many Fieldfare/Redwing (SCo)

2x Goldeneye (DK)

Goldeneye at Westport by Dave Kelsall

Scaup at Westport by Adey Rowley

Tunstall Park
6x Goosander & Little Grebe present this morning (GA)

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday 30 December 2012

Chasewater Res
3x Caspian Gulls (two adults and a 3w) in roost this evening plus a probable 2nd winter Glaucous Gull,  adult Iceland Gull, ad Med Gull and 10x Yellow-legged Gulls (five adults, three 3w, two 2w) (JA)

Belvide Resv (permit holders only)
Cetti’s Warbler (by the West End Hide), 6x Yellow-legged Gulls roosted this evening. Also 2x Goosander, 130x Wigeon, 1x Pintail, 100x Pochard, 20x Siskin, 2x Brambling (woodland feeding station) Belvide Blog

Single Waxwing on Bramley Close at 12.15 (Birdnet)

Silverdale CP
Barn Owl hunting at Waste Farm at 08:45 (JHu)

Westport Lake
Female Scaup still present this morning, plus drake Goosander & 13x Pochard (NJS, CJW)

Photo of the Scaup at Westport, taken by Michael Turner

Endon Sewage Works
Chiffchaff & Peregrine this morning (GB)

Hatherton Reservoir Cheslyn Hay.
2 Male Goosanders, 1 Willow Tit, 1 Jay and 2 Cormorant flew over (SB)

Croxall GP - 08.00 to 09.50
Several large flocks of Lapwing over, 175+ Mallard, 393+ Teal, 14x Redshank, 10x Goldeneye, 106x Pochard, 51+ Tufted Duck, 10+ Wigeon, 1x Goosander, 1x Shelduck, 2x Sparrowhawk, 2+ Goldcrest, 2x Lesser Redpoll (SC)

Field opposite National Arboretum entrance - 09.55 to 10.05
250+ Lapwing, 200+ Golden Plover, 1x Ruff (SC)

Whitemoor Haye - 10.10 to 12.30Several large flocks of Lapwing, 81x Wigeon, 300+ Golden Plover, 8x Cormorant, 10x Mute Swan, 1+ Goldcrest, 2x Reed Bunting, 1x Little Owl, 1x Tree Sparrow, 250+ Linnet, many Fieldfare & Redwing, 15+ Pied Wagtail (SC)

Branston GP - 13.15 to 15.30 6 Cormorant, 59+ Tufted Duck, 99+ Teal, 19+ Pochard, 24+ Gadwall, 1x Little Egret, 12x Curlew, 4x Great Black-backed Gulls, 2x Herring Gulls, 40+ Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 12x Shelduck, 2+ Goldcrest (SC)

Tunstall Park
10x Goosander & 2x Little Grebe, no further sign this afternoon (GA, CJW)

7x Wigeon, 3x Common Gull (JHu)

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday 29 December 2012

Adult Iceland Gull in the roost, plus adult Caspian Gull, adult Mediterranean Gull and 4x Yellow-legged Gulls.

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup still, 3x Goosander, 2x Goldeneye, 53x Tufted Duck, 8x Pochard (NJS)

Branston GP's
15x Shelduck, 8x Pochard, 120+ Lapwing and 14x Golden Plover (NJS)

Black Bank
Jack Snipe & 2x Raven (NP)

Uttoxeter Quarry
Jack Snipe 1, Snipe 2, Wigeon 202, Pochard 20, Teal 5, Tufted Duck 52, Goosander 5 (AB)

Whitemoor Haye
61 Wigeon, 16 Tufted Duck, 11 Teal, 10 Redshank, 400+ Lapwing, 40+ Pied Wagtail (all in old pig field), 1 Little Owl, 1 Jay, 2 Sparrowhawk, Several Fieldfare & Redwing & at least 2 Lesser Redpoll (SC)

Bateswood CP
8x Wigeon, 2x Tufted Duck, 2x Teal (JHu)

12x Goosander on the park lake this morning (GA)

Friday, 28 December 2012

Friday 28th December 2012

A massive thank you to everyone for all your support in 2012, we have made a few changes during the year and hopefully you will all agree it's help to improve the blog, if you have any ideas to help improve our service then please email us at and we will always look and take on what we can, our Twitter service has gone from strength to strength and we currently have 283 followers, it would be great to hit the 300 mark for the start of 2013 so please recommend us to all your birding friends.

Chasewater Res
Adult Caspian Gull  in the roost this evening, plus numerous Great Black-backed Gulls, Common Gulls, 16x Shelduck, 15x Goldeneye, 7x Goosander & Sparrowhawk (JW)
Iceland Gull adult again in the roost (Birdguides)

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup, 16x Goosander, 12x Pochard, 2x Goldeneye (NJS)

Uttoxeter Quarry
Green Sandpiper 1, Wigeon 213, Goosander 5, Pochard 14, Tufted Duck 54, Goldeneye 4, Teal 13, Mallard 540 (AB)

Madaley STW
1 Blackcap and 4 Bramblings there today (NP)

25x Waxwings on Evershed Way at 11:35hrs (ADR).

Swallows Mire, Milford
5 Teal, 13 Wigeon, 5 Goosander, 4 Tufted Duck, 4 Cormorant (JHo)

Whitemoor Haye, 13.15 - 15.10
600+ Lapwing, 60+ Golden Plover, 33 Wigeon, 12 Tufted Duck, 1 Cormorant, 2 Little Owl, 60+ Fieldfare, 80+ Redwing, 20+ Pied Wagtail, 9 Grey Partridge (SC)


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thursday 27 December 2012

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup, 50+ Herring Gulls, 1x GBBG, 9x Pochard, 6x Goosander (NJS)
Branston GP's
11x Shelduck, 11x Curlew, 15+ Great BB Gulls. Area is quite flooded and care must be taken around the area if you are unsure of where the paths are (NJS)

Adult Iceland Gull and adult Caspian Gull in the roost.

Yellow-legged Gull adult again also a Stonechat and 14x Greenfinch (RT)

Silverdale CP
1st winter Caspian Gull on the Void at 15.30, and earlier at Walley's Quarry in the morning along with 20x GBB Gulls and 400x Herring Gulls, plus a Barn Owl late afternoon (PJ, NP)

Whitemoor Haye
300+ Golden Plover (JJH, SJH)

Tunstall Park, Stoke-on-Trent
14x Goosander 12:00hrs (GAl)

Bateswood CP
2x Cormorant, 6x Wigeon, 3x Tufted Duck (JHu)

Trentham Gardens
8 Mandarin and 2 Goosander (JHu)

23x Waxwing on Overwoods Rd Hockley this afternoon (Birdguides)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day 2012

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup still present (NJS)

Whitemoor Haye
Six Waxwings in wood opp Quarry Pool 09:45hrs

Bateswood CP
7x Wigeon, 3x Common Gull, c60 Redpoll (JHu)

7x Waxwing still in Enville Rd (DP)

Yellow-legged Gull adult also 9x Waxwing over (RT)

Rudyard Lake
4x Goldeneye, 8x Goosander & 5x Willow Tit (SS)

Endon Sewage Works
2x Chiffchaff & 4x Goosander (GB)

25x Waxwing in Catherine St Maybank at 10:20 (PT)
also c20 Waxwing over Church Lane, Wolstanton at 11.10 (PJ)

c450-500 Redwing in field opposite the pub (SS)

Iceland Gull 1st winter still feeding at Walley's landfill this morning (NP)

Flooded field opposite Croxall , 300+ Golden Pover with Lapwings(BR)

Whitemoor Haye 08:20 TO 11:50
102x Wigeon, 37x Mallard, 2x Pochard, 24x Tufted Duck, 73x Teal, 10+Reed Bunting, c1000 Lapwing, c200 Golden Plover, 5x Redshank, 2x Great Spotted Woodpecker, 3x Redpoll with 40+ Goldfinch flock, 8x Cormorant, 20x Mute Swan, 6x Waxwing, Little Owl (SC)

Fradley Jnc-Orgreave
87x Mute Swan (SC)

Brookley's Lake
45x Mandarin Duck more hidden in bushes and trees 2x Bullfinch 3x Goldcrest 1x Grey Heron (TE)

Mandarins at Brookleys Lake by Terry Eyre

Churnet Valley-Alton
50x Siskin 2x Kestrel 3x Bullfinch 2x Goldcrest 2x Grey Heron (TE)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone from us all at Staffs Bird News, we hope you all have a great day

39x Waxwing at the Shelton St/Tinkers Green Rd roundabout (Birdguides)

Blithfield Res (permit only)
5x Yellow-legged Gull (3x adult, 1x 4th winter & 1x 2nd winter)

Hatherton Reservoir Cheslyn Hay
Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Wood Pigeon, Tufted Duck, 2 Cormorants flew over and there was a Raven calling nearby (SB)

Cheddleton - Consall
Raven, 2x Buzzard, Jay, c30 Jackdaw, c30 Chaffinch, 2x Greenfinch, 12x Goldfinch, 2x Nuthatch, Goldcrest & c15 Long-tailed Tit (DSc)

Belvide Res (permit only)
2 Brambling were at the woodland feeding station. A Water Rail was between the Scott and Chappell hides. 200 Lapwing were on the shingle island. 8 Lesser Redpoll were noted (Belvide blog)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

From us all at Staffordshire Bird News, we would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Birding in 2013

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup, one Goosander, Kingfisher, Green Woodpecker, 2x Goldeneye, 6x Pochard, Little Grebe, 41 Tufted Duck (NJS)

Belvide Resv (permit only)
40x Waxwing in Gazebo Bay, with 20x at 14:45hrs, also adult Med Gull & 5x Yellow-legged Gulls in the roost

Tittesworth Resv
Kingfisher, 69x Tufted Duck, 7x Pochard, 20x Teal, 2x Mandarin, 7x Snipe, 2x Willow Tit & 60x Wigeon (SG)

Kingfisher today at Tittesworth Res by Steve Gibson
18x Waxwings Hawkins Lane nr Falcon Close 12:50 - 13:00 (DSc)

13x Waxwings still at Enville Rd this afternoon (HK)

West End, Stoke on Trent
9x Waxwing flew over at 14.45 (NP)

Chasewater Res
Adult Iceland Gull and 2x adult Yellow-legged Gulls in the roost

Bateswood CP
9x Wigeon, 7x Common Gull, 2x Tufted Duck, 2x Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Grey Wagtail (JH)

Uttoxeter Quarry
Pink-footed Goose, 238x Wigeon, 34x Goosander, 125x Teal, 2x Gadwall, 13x Pochard, 3x Goldeneye, 745x Mallard, 83x Tufted DuckGreen Sandpiper, 2x Raven (AB)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday 23rd December 2012

Penn, Wolverhampton, West Mids
13x Waxwing again on Enville Road - picture below (DP, KW)

Uttoxeter Quarry
3x Pink-footed Geese still, 26x Goosander, 94x Wigeon, 124 Teal, 4x Pochard, 2x Gadwell, 600x Lapwing, 2x Golden Plover, Green Sandpiper, 3x Raven, Ruddy Shelduck (RP)

Iceland Gull adult in the roost also adult Caspian Gull and 5x Yellow-legged Gull, 3 adults & two 2nd winter (JA)

Female Scaup still, 11x Goosander, 54x Tufted Duck, 6x Pochard, also female Mandarin and 2x drake Goldeneye (NJS, SS). An adult Yellow-legged Gull at 14:15hrs (PLo)

The Westport female Scaup by Steve Seal

Chiffchaff at the sewage works (GB)

Poolfields - Newcastle
Iceland Gull 1W or (2W) in playing fields between St Pauls Road and Silverdale Road near the old Half Way House (NP)

Branston GP's (15:00 - 16:30)
(High water level due to flooding) 1x Goldeneye, 15x Pochard, 1x Little Egret, 6x Gadwall, 4x Wigeon, 5x Shelduck, 1x Peregrine, 4x Snipe, 12x Curlew, 3x Herring Gulls, Redpoll (DSc)

Branston WP
2x Little Grebe, 2x Great C Grebe, Treecreeper (DSc)

Silverdale CP
Barn Owl  one between the Waste Farm and the Void at 15:18 (JHu)

Cheadle - Turners Pasture
35x Goldfinch, Fieldfare, 4x Bullfinch, 25x Starling, 4x Collared Dove, 7x BH Gull, 2x Pied Wagtail, Grey Wagtail (DP)

Tunstall Park
10x Goosander this morning (GA)

Goosander at Tunstall Park br Graham Allbutt

Bateswood CP4x Wigeon & 20x Common Gulls (JH)

Peregrine male over Daisy Bank this morning (JL)

Five Ravens over Rakeway Wood, this morning(AB)

Alton - Denstone
250+ Siskin with a few Redpoll feeding on Alders, 6x Mistle Thrush, 2x Raven, 8x Pied Wagtail, 4x Grey Heron, 30x Long Tailed Tits, Treecreeper (TE)

Middle Hills (North Staffs Moors)
Short-eared Owl one at 15:20 (DA)

Short-eared Owl at Middle Hills by Dave Adams

Blythe Bridge - CaverswallNuthatch, 50x Starling, Buzzard, 2x Mistle Thrush, 18x Fieldfare, 26x Redwing, 24x Meadow Pipit, 21x Pied Wagtail, 2x Willow Tit (ARa)

Cheddleton to Consall
One Raven (DSc)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saturday 22nd December 2012

Westport Lake
Female Scaup still present, plus 12x Goosander, 11x Pochard, 2x drake Goldeneye (NJS).

Silverdale CP
Two adult Yellow-legged Gulls on the Void 13:30hrs (PJ)

Blithfield Res (permit only)
Adult Caspian Gull & adult Yellow-legged Gull today (GJM, MPR)

Uttoxeter Quarry
3x Pink-footed Geese, 293x Greylag Geese, 370x Canada Geese, 25x Barnacle Geese, 1x Ruddy Shelduck, 600x Mallard, 180x Wigeon, 159x Teal, 62x Tufted Duck, 14x Pochard, 2x Gadwall, 11x Goosander, 400x Lapwing and 8x Golden Plover (AB)

Goosander pair on Stow Pool this morning (AT)

Tittesworth Resv
2x Goldeneye, 3x Pochard, 30+ Teal, 20+ Tufted Duck, 5x Common Gull, 7x Snipe (IB)

Tunstall Park, Stoke-on-Trent
20x Goosander (GA)

Goosanders at Tunstall Park by Graham Allbutt

9x Waxwings again on Rowans and wires in Enville Road (DP)

Burton on Trent
40+ Waxwing on Third Avenue Centrum 100 mid afternoon (SJ)

Bateswood CP
3x Wigeon this morning (JHu)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday 21 December 2012

Mossfield Pool - Adderley Green (SJ915451)
Common Scoter drake still on the pool c100m downhill off Mossfield Road (RT)
Still present at 11:30hrs (MT).

Above two pictures taken by Michael Turner today at Mossfield

Blithfield Resv (permit holders only)
Caspian Gull - One adult, and a possible second adult present. Also 4x Yellow-legged Gulls [adult, 3w, 2w & 1w] (GJM).

Keele Bank
Iceland Gull again in the field near the cemetery (ST)

Goosander and Kingfisher on the same stretch of the brook (SP)

Westport Lake
Female Scaup still present plus 3x Goldeneye, 7x Goosander, Little Grebe & 16x Pochard (NJS)

Tunstall Park, Stoke-on-Trent
10x Goosander (SS), with 13x this afternoon until 15:30hrs (GAl)

Peregrine on St Giles church at mid day.(GM)

By special request we will temporarily include sightings of Waxwings from Wolverhampton. Some of these location are close to the Staffs border, but some are in the county of West Midlands.

10+ Waxwings on the wires again in Enville Road, Penn at 8.45 this morning (DP). 9x Waxwings this afternoon 14.30 Enville Road Spring Hill on wires over road, above rowan trees (DB). 30x Waxwings feeding in Rowan tree in front garden nr Jolly Collier pub, Lucknow Rd, Willenhall 08.30 & 09.20 at least (RC)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thursday 20th December 2012

Keele Bank/Cemetery Rd/Walley's Landfill
Loads of gulls worming in the rain this morning, including the juv Iceland Gull and the pale-billed 2w Caspian Gull (ST)

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup, 14x Goosander, 16x Pochard, 46x Tufted Duck, 1x Little Grebe, 3x Goldeneye (NJS)

Belvide Resv (permit holders only)
The Cetti’s Warbler near the ringing station. The drake Pintail was at the west end, Water Rails were seen in front of the Gazebo and Chappell hides, and three Yellow-legged Gulls roosted.(Belvide Blog)

Wolverhampton - 26 on Broad Lane North, opposite Spread Eagle Pub 14:50hrs (GCl). Also10 on telegraph wires 10:00hrs on Enville Road, Spring Hill (JGr)

Wolverhampton Waxwings - Superb opportunist photograph taken by Gareth Clements using his phone I think 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Mossfield Pool - Adderley Green  (SJ915451)
Common Scoter drake still this morning on the pool c100m downhill from Mossfield Road.......RT.
also a Jack Snipe flushed from the poolside vegetation..............BC

Common Scoter today at Mossfiled Pool by Brian Carthy (both photo's)

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup still present, 5x Goosander and 21 Pochard.....NJS

Scaup today at Westport Lake by Dave Kelsall

Silverdale CP
Juv Iceland Gull on the Void at 11:30hrs plus 2x Yellow-legged Gulls (2w & 3w) .......ST
also 2nd winter Caspian Gull this afternoon...............DK

Whitemoor Haye, 08.30 to 09.50
45 Wigeon, 44 Cormorant on lake, 5 Mallard, 13 Tufted Duck, 650+ Lapwing, 48 Golden Plover over, 37 Fieldfare, several Tree Sparrow, Yellowhammer & Goldfinch, 1 Sparrowhawk, 2 Mistle Thrush, 4 Mute Swan.............SC

Fradley Junction to Orgreave
95 Mute Swan..............SC

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Mossfield Pool - Adderley Green (SJ915451)
Common Scoter drake still showing well early morning on the pool c100m downhill off Mossfield Road........RT.

Mossfield Common Scoter by Michael Turner

Common Scoter at Mossfield Pool by Steve Gibson

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup still present......NJS, PLo

Miles Green-Halmerend - 6 on Heathcote Rd at 09:10- SJ801492.......JHu.
Basford - 8 in garden on Hilltop Av at 09:45.......PC.
Hanley - 8 in the disused car park off Clough Street opposite Cars by John Munro today
Croxall Lake - 60 along the railway line this afternoon............MP
Tittesworth Res - a single briefly this morning...............SG

Single Waxwing at Tittesworth Res by Steve Gibson

Silverdale CP.
Caspian Gull 2nd winter still briefly at the Void at 12:45 before flying off to Walley's landfill.......NP......Also at 15:30hrs 1w Iceland Gull, two 2w Caspian Gulls and 6x Great BB Gulls...ST

Uttoxeter - JCB Rocester
Barn Owl one hunting on roadside verge early morning........TE.

Cannock Chase
c200 Siskin in streamside alders at the Stepping Stones (Brocton coppice) also 2x Brambling and Willow Tit at Freda's Grave.........RS.
Also Brocton coppice - Fallow Deer x6, Green Woodpecker x2, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay x2 & 3x Groups of Long-tailed Tits - Approx 10 per group............AS

A single male Blackcap in a garden at Hilltop Ave this morning..............PC

Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday 17th December 2012

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup, fem Goosander, 26x Pochard, 3x Goldeneye, a Little Grebe, 2x Raven, 22x Lesser BB Gull, 7x Herring Gulls.....NJS

Silverdale CP
A new 2w Caspian Gull found today on the Void...1w Iceland Gull plus probable 1w Caspian Gull over landfill site bottom of Keele Bank/Cemetery Rd 15:30hrs...ST

2nd winter Caspian Gull at the Void. Picture by N Pomiankowski 

Stoke-on-Trent - 20 over Etruria 10:45hrs.....NJS
Miles Green/Halmerend Five in a bush alongside Heathcote Road at 0918 SJ801492...JH

Tittesworth Resv
Male and female Mandarin by feeders.....PAl

Branston Gravel Pits
2x Ruff, 12x Curlew, 511x Lapwing, 2x LBBG, 5x Shelduck, 19x Pochard, 55x Wigeon, 29x Gadwall, 3x Little Egret, 3x Little Grebe, 3x GC Grebe, GS  Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk.....JW

Hixon Airfield
64 Golden Plovers at midday plus 8 Ravens over....RBr

Hanley Forest Park
5x Goosander on the lake 14:00hrs.......NGr

Mossfield Pool - Adderley Green
Drake Common Scoter at 12.30 today...............LS.......disturbed by dog walker at 15:35 and flew over Berryhill then came back in at 15:45, still present at dusk.......RT.

Common Scoter at Mossfield by Lynn Staley

Whitemoor Haye
08.50 to 11.30 - 2x Grey Heron, 4x Cormorant, 364x Lapwing, 33x Wigeon, 2x Great Crested Grebe, 9x Tufted Duck, several Reed Bunting, Goldfinch & Linnet, 70+ Golden Plover, 40+ Skylarks, 15+ Meadow Pipits, 4x Goldcrests in Long-tailed Tit flock, 2x singing Corn Buntings, several Yellowammer, many Chaffinch and a single Brambling in and around old pig field with caravan, 2x Little Owl, 30+ Fieldfare, several Redwing, a few Tree Sparrow, 1 female Merlin, 52x Mute Swan.....SC

Fradley Junction to Orgreave, 11.45 to 12.00
95 Mute Swans......SC

Walking between Blythe Bridge and Caverswall
40x Fieldfare, 24x Redwing, 36x Meadow Pipit.....ARa

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday 16th December 2012

Barlaston Downs
1x Green Woodpecker, 4x Redwing, 1x Jay, 1x Kestrel, 10x Fieldfare, 1x Mistle Thrush, 2x Pied Wagtail...ARa

Westport Lake
Fem Scaup still, plus 8x Goosander, 25x Pochard, drake Goldeneye, 8x Herring Gulls, 2x Great B B Gulls.....PLu, Col

Silverdale CP.
Caspian Gull possible adult at 09:45, 3x Great BB Gull, 6x Common Gull, 32x Herring Gull, c420 LBB Gull...... RT.........Iw Caspian Gull, 1w Iceland Gull and 10 Great B B Gulls present 13:40hrs.....PJ, NP

Iceland Gull today by Ann Pallas-Bentley

1w Iceland Gull on the Void today. by Steve Seal

1w Caspian Gull and two Yellow-legged Gulls in the roost.....

Shugborough - 3 at  the hall.......JJH.
Rugeley - 120 in the Morrisons car park.......GJM
Rugeley - 40 on bypass by railway bridge......GJM
Silverdale CP - 20 over the Void 14:00hrs.....PJ
Fradley Park South - 20 by NTN 13:00hrs..
Belvide Resv - one by West End Hide to 09:40 when it flew east....

Uttoxeter Quarry
Water Rail 1, Willow Tit 1, Mallard 701, Tufted Duck 106, Pochard 3, Gadwall 4, Shoveler 1, Wigeon 80, Goosander 18, Teal 64, Pink-footed Goose 2, Green Sandpiper 1, Snipe 18 & Raven 4..............AB

Dipper one on the River Churnet mid day........SP.

Bittern again in flight seen from the hide.......

St Giles Church, Newcastle-u-Lyme
2x Peregrines roosting on church, remains found recently included Lapwing, Woodcock, Snipe & Pigeon............BC

Peregrine at St Giles Church by Brian Carthy
Keele Cemetery
100x Golden Plover in field...............PG

Alrewas GP, 08.10 to 09.30
91 Tufted Duck, 35 Mallard, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Little Grebe, 49 Teal, 305 Wigeon, 64 Pochard, 2 Gadwall, 2 Mute Swan, 2+ Chiffchaff (hedge bordering sewage farm)...SC

National Arboretum, 09.30 to 10.05
1 Snipe flushed & 28 Teal over.............SC

Junction Pit, 09.40 to 09.50
1 Grey Heron, 3 Coot, 7 Mallard & 24 Teal............SC

Field opposite Nationalk arboretum entrance, 10.05 to 10.15
256 Lapwing, 72 Golden Plover, 1 Redshank & 8 Stock Dove.............SC

Croxall GP, 10.20 to 11.50
3 Golden Plover over, Reed Bunting, 34 Mallard, 30+ Black Headed Gull, 2+ Goldcrest, 137 Teal, 59 Tufted Duck, 5 Goldeneye, 115 Pochard, 1 Little Grebe, 6 Mute Swan, 2 Redshank, 8 Wigeon & 3 Cormorant over..........SC

Whitemoor Haye, 11.55 to 13.45
29 Wigeon, 2 Teal, 13 Mute Swan (large flock not present), 3 Great Crested Grebe, 8 Cormorant, 2 Grey Heron, 30+ Skylark, 8 Tree Sparrow, 27 Stock Dove, 1 Little Egret, 76 Lapwing, 28+ Fieldfare, 6 House Sparrow, Merlin, 2 Reed Bunting, Few Redwing & Several Linnet & Goldfinch..........SC

River Sow Meadows, Stafford
3x Waxwing, 2x Redpoll, Kingfisher, 8x Little Grebe, 78x Teal, 14x Wigeon, 7x Snipe......RSw
5x Buzzard, 2x Raven, Grey Wagtail, Dipper, Grey Heron, 60x Siskin, 3x Redpoll, 7x Redwing, Green Woodpecker, 4x Goldfinch, 2x Bullfinch, Marsh Tit,.......TE.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Saturday 15 December 2012

20+ Waxwings on Jonkel Avenue, Hockley this afternoon.......BIRDGUIDES

Bittern one in flight from the hide this morning........BIRDGUIDES

7x Waxwing in St Georges Wood at 15.30.................MP

Belvide Resv
Grey Plover - one flew thru at 09:40hrs......BIRDGUIDES

Silverdale CP
Caspian Gull adult on the Void this morning also 1st winter Caspian Gull and 8x Goosander.......NP....1w Iceland Gull, 3x Yellow-legged Gull (Ad, 3w, 2w) and 1w Caspian Gull 13:00....NJS, DK

 Caspian Gull at the Void today by Dave Kelsall
Iceland Gull today at the Void by Dave Kelsall

This afternoon between 14.00 hrs and 1500 hrs there were 80 to 100 Waxwings on the car park at Amazon ,Rugeley, and at 15.45 there were 40 to 50 Waxwings on the car park at Morrisons Rugeley...........PBe

Westport Lake
Female Scaup on main lake, also male Shoveler & 25x Pochard................NJS

Uttoxeter Quarry
Pink-footed Geese 3 on floods north of main pit, Ruddy Shelduck 1, Cape Shelduck 2, Goosander 10, Wigeon 68, Teal 40, Pochard 5, Tufted Duck 144, Goldeneye 5, Gadwall 2, Snipe 9, Common Sandpiper 1 & Peregrine 1..............AB
also a female Merlin flew north at 12.05 & a Mandarin Duck was present............RP

Trent Washlands
6x Goosander, 3x Shoveler, 36x Wigeon, c20 Gadwall, c25 Teal, 12x Tufted Duck, Little Grebe, Kingfisher, Green Woodpecker, 3x Goldcrest, Chiffchaff, Nuthatch & Meadow Pipit......... AJ

Branston GPs
Ruff, Snipe, 12x Curlew, 5x Shelduck, c80 Teal, c20 Wigeon, Water Rail, 2x Green Woodpecker, 2x Goldcrest & 15+ Fieldfare.............AJ
Bateswood CP
3x Wigeon, 3x Common Gull, c80 Redpoll and a Brambling.......JHu.

Hales Hall Pool
Kingfisher & Goosander....................DC

Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday 14th December 2012

Silverdale CP
A 3w and adult Yellow-legged Gull today.....DK

Keele Bank
In the field opposite the landfill at the bottom of Keele Bank, 2w Caspian Gull and three Yellow-legged Gulls (two 2w and an adult).......DK.....Also 1w Iceland Gull stil present mid morning...DAd

Iceland Gull on Cemetery Road this morning by Dave Adams

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thursday 13 December 2012

Barton GPs
Bittern one flew west and appeared to land between Argos and the rail line.......

Tittesworth Resv
Great Northern Diver still present. Also 75x Teal, 6x Pochard, 21x Wigeon.........SG

Great Haywood -13x around the Clifford Arms pub this morning.....RBr.
Burton - c50 in the Fitness First car park on Wetmore Road........AP.
Uttoxeter- 2x on A518 near the road bridge over the A50......EF.
Lichfield - c30 still on Eastern Avenue.......
Rugeley -5x at the Amazon distribution centre at 14:50......
Barton-under-Needwood - c.30 on Barton Business Park 14:45.....Birdguides
Tamworth - one flew over the railway station early morning......Birdguides

Iceland Gull 1st winter in fields opposite Whalley's landfill at the junction of Cemetary Rd and Keele Rd........NP.

Silverdale CP
3x Yellow-legged Gulls on the Void.......NP.....Caspian Gull 2nd winter on the Void this afternoon.......ST.

2w Caspian Gull on the Void today by Dave Kelsall

Yellow-legged Gull on the Void today by Dave Kelsall

Branston Gravel Pits
6x Waxwing (in hedge next to sandy pit), 8x Snipe, 11x Curlew, Redshank, 19x GBBG, 3x Herring Gull, 4x LBBG, 92x Wigeon, 3x Shoveler, 71x Gadwall, 29x Pochard, 5x GC Grebe, 6x Little Grebe, Shelduck, 2x Goldcrest, Bullfinch, 3x Reed Bunting, Green Woodpecker.

Dosthill NR
19x Goldeneye were flushed from the river, also 2x Little Egret along the river, and a Cetti's Warbler singing in the Northern area......per JH

Peregrine still on St Giles church late morning........GM.

Hanley Park-Etruria canals
3x Mistle Thrush, Mandarin, 6x Lesser Redpoll.......ARa.

Alton farmland
20x Redwing, 6x Fieldfare, 4x Song Thrush, 2x Mistle Thrush, 20x Blackbird........TE.

Kingsley, Cheadle
60x Fieldfares, 35x Redwings, 6x Ravens,3x Buzzard, 23x Blackbirds......KC

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wednesday 12th December 2012

Silverdale CP
1st winter Iceland Gull on the void at 11.20.........DK.
1st winter Iceland Gull again on the Void at 13:06 to 13:30 at least but no sign of the 1st winter Caspian Gull by 13:30.......DK.RT.

Iceland Gull on the Void, Silverdale CP, taken today by Dave Kelsall

Silverdale/ Keele
1st winter Iceland Gull at Walley's landfill site 12:50 to 13:05.......NP.

Yoxall - 6x in local gardens this morning...............NL.
Wolverhampton - 21x in gardens on Fairview Rd, Penn.......Powners
Wombourne - 3x in Canon Road 15.55....DBa
Baswich - 10x rear of Penzance Way off Cornwall Drive feeding by cycle path at 14:50.......RS.
Fazeley - 18x in French Avenue, Mile Oak......Birdguides

Chasewater Res
No sign of the Great Northern Diver today, the Swag is 80% frozen...............GH

Belvide Resv
Jack Snipe on North Shore and 6x Yellow-legged Gulls in the roost.....SN

Westport Lake
Little Grebe, 4 Teal, 15 Pochard, Goosander female, no sign of the Common Scoter.............SG
also 4x Cormorants..............PL

Whitemoor Haye
Todays sightings- 08.00 to 10.20, very murky with thickening fog - 56x Wigeon, 51x Pochard, 6x Mallard, 4x Tufted Duck, 1x Great Crested Grebe, 1x Goldcrest, 1x Snipe, 27x Golden Plover, Several Redwing, Fieldfare, Goldfinch & Linnet, 62x Lapwing, 43+ Skylark, 1x Redshank (heard over back pit), 20+ House Sparrow, 91x Mute Swan....SCo

Oakamoor/Churnet Valley
Male Goosander on the river upstream of the weir...KK

River Sow Meadows, Stafford
264x Wigeon, 5x Little Grebe, 4x Goosander, 6x Snipe, Raven, Lesser Redpoll, male Blackcap....RS

Stafford Town Centre
Drake Goosander east of Bridge St on the River Sow at 08:50...RS

Fisherwick Road/Elford
Male/female Goosander in the swirl on the river at the junction of Fisherwick Rd, on the road to Elford 11.30am......RAs

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Many thanks to all those readers of the blog who have sent in photographs to us. We are most grateful for them. We are really keen to receive photographs taken of birds that appear in our daily sightings blog, to further enhance the sighting. When a new rare/scarce bird appears, it completes the full story when there is a photo of it as well. We are receiving at present a lot of excellent, good quality photos, but quite a few are of commoner species that don't feature in our news reports. Whilst we appreciate being sent these pictures, we don't really want to become a photograph blog. Our aim is to bring the current bird news of the day into one central blog for everyone to read. Some photographers are questioning why we haven't put one of their pictures on the daily blog. The simple answer is that bird didn't feature in our news. We hope everyone understands our policy, and we look forward to our blog going from strength to strength.


Silverdale CP
Barn Owl one hunting at Waste Farm at 07:50........JHu.....1w Caspian Gull and 1w Iceland Gull on the Void this afternoon...STu...also probable Glaucous Gull reported from there as well.....

The 1w Caspian Gull at the Void - again present today. By Dave Kelsall 

Belvide Res (permit only)
1st winter Caspian Gull & a probable adult Caspian Gull today, also 16x Waxwings flew over west at 13.10...............

Imm Great Northern Diver still on the Swag

Great Northern Diver at Chasewater by Paul Smith
Waxwings @
Madeley - 6 in trees before the Railway bridge on Bower End Lane......TJ.
Cheddleton - 1 briefly at 08:30hrs....DSc
Belvide Res (permit only) - 16x flew over west at 13.10............

Westport Lake
Common Scoter female still on the main lake......NJS, CJW

Common Scoter at Westport by Dave Kelsall

Croxall GP
100+ Fieldfare, 60+ Redwing, 66 Mallard, 57 Tufted Duck, 279+ Teal, 153 Pochard, 5+ Cormorant, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 2 drake Shoveler, 1 only Wigeon, 30+ Lapwing, 4 Snipe, 3 Grey Heron, 3 Goldcrest, 2 Redshank & 1 Little Egret..............SC

Whitemoor Haye
4 Grey Partridge, several Tree Sparrow, 70+ Golden Plover, 42+ Skylark, 220+ Lapwing, 2 Mistle Thrush, 3 Ruff, several flocks of Linnet & Goldfinch, 3 Jay, 118 Mute Swan, 20 + Fieldfare, 38 Redwing & 150+ Starling...............SC

Fradley Junction to Orgreave
83 Mute Swan, good numbers of Fieldfare & Redwing & 1 Grey Heron................SC

Branston GP's
Ruff, 2x Redshank, 11x Curlew, 6x Snipe, 7x Golden Plover, 219x Lapwing, 20x GBBG, Water Rail, 4x Shelduck, 2x Green Woodpecker, Bullfinch, 2x Buzzard, Good numbers of Wigeon, Pochard, Gadwall, Teal, Tufted Duck, Mallard etc but too foggy to count....JW

A group of Great B B Gulls on the Sandy Pit this afternoon....JW

Pink-footed Geese movement today saw :-
Dimmingsdale - 670 over between 10 and 11:30 in five skeins all heading north-west....TE
Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent - 250 NW over at 10:45hrs......NJS
Longport/Westport Lake - 250 NW at 11:20hrs......PJ
Knypersley - 50 over W at 11:00hrs......GB
Adderley Green, Stoke-on-Trent - Three skeins flying W at 11:30hrs, totally c250.....STU

Radial Park
70 Pink-footed Geese over, 1 Jack Snipe, 5 Snipe  & 60 Golden Plover................RG
Baggeridge CP
09.05 Peregrine eating prey on top of Baggeridge Brick chimney stack, still present at 10.30 but further down stack. Several small mixed finch flocks Siskins Goldfinches and Lesser Redpolls in Alders around Bag Pool, Little Grebe on Spring Pool.....DBu

Parkhall CP
2x Goosander over, Fieldfare, Siskins, Redwings, Willow Tits, Yellowhammers, Golden Plovers, 6 Bramblings old visitor site......Patrick Salt (WARDEN).

c100 Golden Plover by the Cemetery 13:30hrs....TJa

Alton Farmland
3x Raven, 3x Bullfinches, 1x Kestrel and a mixed thrush flock of 5x Fieldfare, 6x Song Thrushes and 3x Redwing feeding in one field.....TE

Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday 10 December 2012

Silverdale CP
2x Barn Owls hunting at Waste farm before sunrise........JHu.
also seen recently, 1w Great Black-backed GullxYellow-legged Gull hybrid with yellow ring with H8J8 in black - ringed as a chick at Frankfurt in 2012 seen at Silverdale CP on 7/12/2012 and 21/11/2012.......NP.......1st winter Caspian Gull on the Void this afternoon...................ST
also 40 Fieldfare...............PG

Chasewater Res
Great Northern Diver still present on the Swag this afternoon...................Birdguides

Longton - c70 at Loughborough Walk this morning.................GA
Lichfield - 50 still in Eastern Avenue near Gilbert Rd this morning.............PP
Trent Washlands - 26 seen today....................AJ

Waxwing at Longton by Graham Allbutt

Waxwings at Lichfield by Patrick Perry

Belvide Res (permit only)
A Woodcock flew over the spill weir at 4.37pm. The male Brambling was again at the Gazebo feeding station, also 4 Lesser Redpoll were noted. The drake Pintail was still present. 2 adult Yellow-legged Gulls roosted............Belvide Blog

Westport Lake
Common Scoter still present on main lake this morning plus Brambling & 16x Goosander..............CJW

Goosander at Westport by Mick Turner

Trent Washlands
Goosander, 5x Shoveler, c20 Gadwall, c20 Wigeon, c25 Teal, 7x Tufted Duck, 2x Little Grebe, 6x Herring Gull, Great Black-backed Gull, Kingfisher, Sparrowhawk, Great Spotted Woodpecker, 26x Waxwing, 3x Goldcrest, 3x Mistle Thrush, 2x Reed Bunting.............AJ

A flock of Golden Plover amongst the Lapwings in the field opposite the National Memorial Arboretum entrance in Alrewas......SBa

Swallows Mire - Milford
9 Tufted Ducks, 2 Wigeon, 3 Goosanders (2 drakes), 3 Shovelers, 7 Mallard & 15 Coot......JH

Blythe Bridge - Caverswall
2x Willow Tit, 1x Yellowhammer, 1x Bullfinch, 6x Fieldfare, 100+ Woodpigeon..............ARa

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday 9 December 2012

Great Northern Diver still on the Swag today (picture below taken today)....DK

Tittesworth Res
Great Northern Diver still mid morning........SG....also male and female Mandarin by visitor centre...IB, SS

Mandarin at Tittesworth today (Steve Seal) 

Westport Lake
Common Scoter female still also 13x Goosander and 2x Goldeneye.......NJS...Adult Yellow-legged Gull, 1w Great B B Gull this afternoon....(DK, GB, PJ)

Yellow-legged Gull at Westport by Dave Kelsall

Yellow-legged Gull at Westport by Phil Jones
Branston GP's
Dusk tonight saw 12x Curlew, 4x Shelduck, 50+ GBBG, 15+ Herring Gull, c100x LBBG, 300+ BHG, c100x Teal...JW

Uttoxeter Quarry
26x Goosander, 30x Wigeon, 63x Teal, 3x Pochard, 1x Snipe, 1x Pink-footed Goose, 1x Ruddy Shelduck, 1x Great Black-backed Gull, 2x Willow Tit, 2x Raven.....RPo

Blithfield Resv
Adult Caspian Gull in Tad Bay roost, also 2x Yellow-legged Gull, 27 Goosander....RPo

Silverdale CP
5 Goosander (2m 3f), c200 Lesser Black-backs, 33 Herring Gulls, 2 Great Black-backs, 1 GC Grebe..JHu

Bateswood CP
10 Wigeon, 5 Common Gulls...JHu

Peregrine present 13:00hrs (photograph below)...DA

Alton Farmland
1x Raven, 1x Buzzard, 1x Kestrel, 1x Sparrowhawk, 2x Bullfinch and 1x Goldfinch.......TE

A pair of Goosander on the Cauldon Canal....AW

59x Waxwing by the Ashwood pub Longton........CS.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Saturday 8 December 2012

Belvide Res (permit only)
Great White Egret on North shore opposite Gazebo hide until 09:45 when it flew off west, also a Knot flew thru to the north at 13:00, a Dunlin was on the north shore, the Cetti's Warbler was seen again near the West End Hide this afternoon. A 1st winter Caspian Gull (photo by Nigel Talbot) and 5 Yellow-legged Gulls roosted this evening. 76 Goldeneye were counted. 4 Raven and 4 Lesser Redpoll were noted....Belvide Blog

A final reminder for tomorrows work party. Please meet at the Scott hide at 9.30am and bring a spade if you can.

The Great White Egret at Belvide today (by Martyn Pitt)

Gailey Res
Great White Egret on island on fishing pool till 10:32 when it flew off east.......Birdguides
Med Gull adult on sailing lake at 12:15........

Tittesworth Res
Great Northern Diver still this morning, also 18x Goosander plus 3x Brambling under table near the lodge ......PS, SG, SS

Great Northern Diver at Tittesworth by Steve Seal

Brambling at Tittesworth by Paul Shenton
Westport Lake
Common Scoter female still also 16x Goosander........NJS

Blithfield Res (permit only)
2x Caspian Gull 1 adult + 2nd winter, also a 3rd winter Yellow-legged Gull...........GJM, MPR

Cannock - one just north of Cannock at Huntington on Littleton estate at 08:00......Birdguides
Rugeley -50x on Springsfield Rd opposite junction with Shugborough Rd at postcode WS15 2RA.......MS.
Cannock Chase- 65x east of Tackeroo Car park at 13:30.......Birdguides
Branston Water Park - c25 in trees..................AJ
Burton - 43x at junction of Hillfield Lane and Moor Furlong until 14.20 at least...........AJ
Lichfield - c20 at Eastern Ave, corner of Gilbert Rd, opposite Lichfield FC...........RA
Stafford - c10 by Tesco Express , Rising Brook

Uttoxeter Quarry
Barn Owl on roadside near the quarry last night at 19:30........TE.
also Whooper Swan x1,Mute Swan x23, Jack Snipe x1, Snipe x22, Goosander x47, Wigeon x52 & Teal x22.............AB

Whooper Swan at Uttoxeter Quarry by Andy Barker

Branston GPs
12x Curlew, c130 Lapwing, Peregrine, 2x Buzzard, 2x Green Woodpecker, Jay, 5x Bullfinch, c100 Teal......................AJ

Trent Washlands
c25 Wigeon, c30 Gadwall, c35 Teal, 7x Shoveler, 6x Tufted Duck, Little Grebe, Common Gull, c20 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 3x Fieldfare...............AJ
also Peregrine & Kingfisher................JW

2x Goosander, 8x Gadwall, a Raven, Wigeon, Goldeneye but very few gulls....PJ

Rudyard Lake
2 x Goldeneye females , 7 x Goosander , 1 x Brambling , 14 x Lesser Redpoll , 4 x Willow Tit.............SS

Silverdale CP
5 x Goosander (3m 2f), 3 x Teal, 32 x Coot, a Jack Snipe & c400 Lesser Black-backed Gulls..............JHu

Hatherton Reservoir Cheslyn Hay
2x Goosanders on main pool, c 150 Black-headed Gulls, 2 Treecreepers in wood and 1 Mistle Thrush on football field............SB

Bateswood CP
5 x Goosander (3m 2f) and a Wigeon................JHu

Stallington-Meir Heath
6x Fieldfare, 10x Long-tailed Tits, 2x Jay, 4x Goldfinch, Buzzard, 3x Pied Wagtail.......ARa.

Blackcap female in ivy covered Oak between Cheddleton and Consall also Raven and Sparrowhawk........DS.