Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saturday 14 June 2014

Peregrines in Stoke on Trent
A pair of Peregrines have bred in the city centre on the BT building in Hanley and have produced 5 young birds. Attempts in previous years have ended in failure.
Thanks are owed to the Brewood Ringing Team for their help in producing the right conditions at the nest site also to staff at BT.

Chatterley Valley/Ford Green
Tree Pipit (JJ)

Doxey Marsh
2x LRP, Cormorant, 6x Reed Warbler, 8x Sedge Warbler, 2x Cinnabar Moth, 9x Banded demoiselle, 2x Beautiful demoiselle, 4x Broad bodied chaser, 2x Four spotted chaser, Common darter, 2x Emperor dragonfly (DG)