Friday, 27 January 2017

Friday 27th January 2017

Branston GP
Bizarre report today of a birdwatcher chasing the Temminck's Stint along the shore line on the Southern Pit and flushing most of the birds by standing on the shoreline. The only access thru the site is via the public footpath. There is no access to the shore line. Photo's obtained. If you aren't sure of access don't just wander in. Please ask first. Birds seen today - Temminck's Stint, 2x Redshank, Green Sandpiper, 2x Water Rail, 3x Shelduck, 7x Pochard, 13x Gadwall, 10x Shoveler, 3x Stonechat, 25x Skylark (BarryBranston)

85x Waxwing Queens Gardens (@SteveJTurner 76. @brianbeecee) - 90x Waxwing at the Ironmarket (AEa). 35x Waxwing in Edwards Ave (JMa), 30x Waxwing on Unity Way, Kidsgrove (ALo)

Velvet Scoter still (@roy_smith4) - 2x ad Med Gull and 5x YL Gull in the roost (@CWG_sightings)

6x Woodcock, 8x Mandarin (TEy)

Bittern and Smew still (@BelvideBirds)

Radford Meadows
469x Wigeon, 33x Teal, 1x Pintail, 1x Shelduck, 2x Snipe (@RegDavies5)